The Inside House

The Villa in evia is situated on a 3.500 sq.m lot on the seafront, and consists of comfortable rooms (7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms) to stay in (two levels) as well as places for exercising and doing sports. The villa can accommodate up to 14 persons

On the first level of the villa there is a semi-autonomous apartment consisting of three large bedrooms (about 30sq. m. each), each with its own bathroom, and a living room (60sq. m.) with a view towards the yard. Also, there is a bar, fireplace and a kitchen. Depending on one’s needs, the kitchen, one bedroom and bathroom can be isolated without communicating with the rest of the house (in case needed for guests’ domestic staff).

On the second level of the villa, which is 2 stories, there is a big kitchen, a storage room with a washing machine and a dryer, a bathroom, an office (30sq. m.) with two couches that become single beds and can be used as the 6th bedroom (if required by the guests), a large living-room (90sq. m.) with a view toward the sea, a big satellite TV, Internet, a big fireplace, an outdoor living-room, and on the same level a outdoor pool (70 sq. m.). On the upper floor of the villa, there is only a bedroom (20sq. m.) and a master bedroom (40sq. m.) with a large bathroom (20sq. m.). Note that all the bedrooms, except for two out of the three on the first level, have an extraordinary view of the sea.