Informations About Chalkida

At villa glafkos in Evia Eastward and westward of the lot, only 100 meters away, there are more hidden sandy beaches, where one can take a nice and quiet swim. Towards the west, 700 meters away, two jetties have been salvaged from one of most ancient ports in the Mediterranean (the port of ancient Anthedona). The marine force of ancient Anthedona is mentioned for the first time from Homer, in the list of ships that took part in the Trojan War, in Iliad B, verses 498 and 500.

South the villa in evia, 2 km away, is the nearest village (Anthedona or Loukisia), where you can find a bakery, a supermarket and three taverns with Greek traditional cuisine. Eastwards the villa in evia, 4 km away, is an area called “Alikes” which is a well-organized beach area with a lot of sea sport facilities and well-set up leisure establishments which makes it a magnet mostly for younger people.

Towards the east of the villa in evia, 10 km away, lies the contemporary and touristic city of Chalkida in evia with a population of 60.000. It provides extensive infrastructure and services (banks, a hospital, shops, specialized doctors, restaurants, coffee places, etc.). There is a new archaeological museum with substantial exhibits which was inaugurated in 2016. What’s more, there is a unique phenomenon: In the center of the city where the mainland meets the island of Evia, there is small distance of water (50m) which separates them with a beautiful bridge. At that specific place the water runs forcefully and gathers violently in the narrow channel forming whirlpools. Although the intensity of the current varies and its timing changes according to the phases of the moon, it maintains a basic recurrence, with the waters running 6 hours one way and 6 hours the other way, complying always and only to the calling of the moon. The solution to the mystery of recurrence and that of the phenomenon in general, was Euripus’ goal in life in the ancient times. But, in vain. In the end, depressed, he committed suicide falling in the onrush waters and in this way, without knowing, gave his name to the strait.


On the way from the villa in Evia to Chalkida, one can also visit the archaeological site of the temple of the goddess Artemis in Aulis, where according to Homer Iphigenia, the daughter of the king Agamemnona, was sacrificed in order for fair winds to blow and for the Greek ships which were impatiently waiting in the nearby bay to sail off so they could reach desirable Troy. Note that in a small theater near the temple, among things, the great tragedy of Euripides “Iphigenia in Aulis” is performed and if you are lucky, you might be able to see it at the same place where the tragedy happened 4000 years ago.

Towards the east of the villa in evia, 25 km away, is located the city of Eretria, which has many hotel installations and is distinguished for its well-kept ancient theater. In the north of Evia, 70 km away, is the village Prokopi which is worldwide known for its orthodox Christian peregrination of the Russian Saint John.

Athens, the capital of Greece is 80 km south the villa in evia. There is a big airport as well as all the services a European capital might have. Of course, it is worthwhile visiting the archaeological site of Acropolis which is a monument of worldwide cultural heritage as well as the new archaeological museum which was built in 2004 near the Acropolis and is unique in regard of its exhibits which relate to the ancient Greek civilization.

About 100 km eastwards (1 ½ hour by car) lies another monument of worldwide cultural heritage, the religious center of ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi, and a museum with substantial exhibits.