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Create new memories in a unique beachfront villa in Evia

Locate in the west of Evia the house is isolated from passer-byes, in an area with clean waters and a rich natural and cultural environment, and located across from a uninhabitable green island where one can get to only by boat.There is a graveled road (300m) which leads to the house from the main road, named Glafkos Pontios Street, which according to the mythology and local traditions, it is where the semi-god Glafkos Pontios or Glafkos the Anthedonian, son of the ancient god of the sea Poseidon and of a Naiada nymph of fresh waters , or according to another myth, that of King Anthedona, who established the ancient city of Anthedona, and Alkionis, daughter of Aeolus, the god of the winds.

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Villa Glafkos Evia Athens Riviera

and Facilities

The Ultimate Holiday Sensation in Evia

Exclusive interior

By Th. Patheodorou. Is combination of rock and concrete . The space is decorated with painting by famous artists

Swimming Pool

Relax to our Swimming Pool enjoying the most spectacular view


We can arrange for you a make up artist and a hair dresser before your night out.

Scuba Diving

Scuba to our crystal waters and have the time of your life

Water Ski

Ski with our inflatable boat

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can be there upon your request to keep you in shape during your stay